What is Mindball Game

Mindball Game is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept, instead of activity and adrenalin it is attention focus that marks the truly successful Mindball Game player.

The goal is to be more focused and to some extent relaxed than your opponent and thus move a physical ball away from you into your opponent’s goal.

Mindball Game is contained in a table. On the table top a ball is moving back and forth during the game. The players wear headbands with electrodes which are connected to the table.

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Mindball Game Core based custom tables

With Mindball Game Core you can build your own game.

The game where you compete against another person moving a physical ball with your brain waves alone. The most focused and relaxed player will win.

Mindball Game Features

Mindball Game Ball
Mindball Game brain waves move physical ball

you move a physical ball with your brain waves alone

The tecnique we use is called EEG - Electro Encephalo Graphics which represents the method of recording electrical signals from the brain (through the sensors on the headband) and present them graphically as a wave form.

the game is as spectacular to watch as it is to play

The game is as spectacular to watch as it is to play. The audience follow the ball on the table, the players’ expression and posture and the graphics showing the output from the players’ brains.

Mindball Game Multiplayer headbands - team play

Mindball Game Multiplayer

You can play in teams; Mindball Game Multiplayer is a true team building tool since you never know who’s good or bad in the team; it’s the teams’ common effort that shows.

Mindball - focus, calm, have fun and train your brain

have fun & train your brain

Have fun while you train your brain - prove your focus skills and practice your ability to achieve a calm mind with Mindball Game.


Mindball Game headbands are compatible with Mindball Game, Mindball Game Core and Mindball Game Multiplayer. Mindball Headbands are available in neoprene, vinyl or leather.

Buy Mindball Game headbands

Expand Your Mindball Experience with Mindball Multiplayer!

Mindball Multiplayer is a team building accessory which enables you to play Mindball Game three against three. You can also let someone challenge the team by playing one against three.

Buy Mindball Game Multiplayer

Game Stats Graph

Mindball Play focus development graph
Mindball Play track time graph

When using the wireless headband your personal data will be stored. Follow your focus ability improving day by day.

Rent a Mindball Game to your event!

Mindball game rent for your event

Rent a Mindball Game to your event! (within EU only). Please contact us for available dates and price.

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