What is Mindball Play

Mindball Play is a fast, exciting and challenging obstacle race game. Play in multiplayer mode against others gamers online. Who will be the first through the finishing line?

Compete against the AI along different tracks while sorting obstacles such as bars, blocks, hurdles and hitches. Use power ups to craft your racing strategy, push, pull, collide, slow down and wipe out your opponents.

Track collection

Key Features

Mindball game modes
Mindball Rule the Race

multiple game modes

Race your rivals with online and local multiplayer mode or play against the AI to take the Gold!

Mindball Sphericals
Brawn up your ball


Brawn up your ball with spherical specials that allow you to bounce higher and grip to troublesome turns.

Mindball Watch out! Hazard ahead!

watch out!

Watch out for oil slicks, spiked pendulums and winding tracks as they hinder your rivals… and you!

Mindball Achievements, High Scores & Leaderboards


Take the podium top spot! As you perfect your race tactics win medals and set high scores.

Mindball Play wireless headband
Mindball Brain Waves Race

race with your brain waves

Gaming hits a new level: play using game the wireless headband to race your rivals ball with your brain waves!

Mindball Focus & Relax
Focus - Calm - Fun

have fun & train your brain

Practice your ability to achieve a focused mind with fun, engaging and challenging races.

Expand Your Mindball Experience!

Easy wearable wireless headbands, put it on and control your ball with your brain – alone – no hands!

How does it work Buy headband

Download App to connect the Muse headband via Bluetooth:

Mindball Bridge at Google Play Mindball Bridge at Apple Store

Game Stats Graph

Mindball Play focus development graph
Mindball Play track time graph

When using the wireless headband your personal data will be stored. Follow your focus ability improving day by day.