Mindball Play Press Facts

Developer: Interactive Productline IP AB

Release date: 30 November 2016

Website: mindballplay.com

Platform availability: Windows, Android, iOS


Bitte Hanell
Managing Director
E-mail: bitte.hanell@mindballplay.com
Phone: +46 (0) 709 82 00 24

Mindball Play Description:

The Game

Mindball Play is a fast, exciting and challenging obstacle race game. Play in multiplayer mode against others gamers online. Who will be first through the finishing line? Compete against the AI along different tracks while sorting obstacles such as bars, blocks, hurdles and hitches. Use power ups to craft your racing strategy, push, pull, collide, slow down and wipe out your opponents.

Play with or without hands

Play with your keyboard or controllers or go a step further and use your brainwaves to race your ball using a wireless headband. Like Mindball Game, Mindball Play uses EEG technology, which allows players to interact with the game by reaching a focused and relaxed state of mind.

It’s all in the mind

Training your focus abilities has never been more fun. Keep focused and relaxed while the race escalates to a battle of minds. Or why not against someone with a game pad? Play online or local. Will you be the winner?

The Developer

Interactive Productline is a Swedish company founded in 2002 that took the challenge of transforming an unusual game prototype into Mindball Game, an innovative game to fascinate and entertain. The game has been sold to science centers, PR Companies and the likes of Coca Cola, Nike and the US Military Academy. Millions of people have played Mindball Game, the game where you move a physical ball with your brain waves alone, and wished they could have their own. Now their dream becomes true with Mindball Play!

High resolution Mindball Play screenshots to download.