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Hands free play with Mindball Play

Changes in version 0.16.1

Mindball Play Trainer track GIF 05a small

Mindball Play Pluto Infinity track GIF 01a small

A focused headband play update launched at Steam Early Access.

  • Dedicated headband menu added. All you need to know about playing with headband is now found under one button at the main menu.
  • Two new tracks;

Trainer (will be renamed to Warm Up Highway in the next version) is intended as a get-to-know-how-it-works-track. It’s straight forward and have no Power Ups.

Pluto Infinity is an infinity track, but for now set to four laps. A bit more tricky training before you launch to the standard tracks competing with ghost balls or other player – perhaps using a game pad to beat your focus.

  • New headband in-game help messages when you seem to need them.
  • Headband focus indicator improved, hope you’ll find it useful.


2 thoughts on “Hands free play with Mindball Play

  1. Mindball Play – which features a unique brainwave mode , allowing players to play the game hands-free – has joined Steam Early Access.

    1. Hi,

      You need to purchase a Muse headband at our web site. You also need to download the free app Mindball Play Bridge which will transfer the electrical signals from the headband to your PC via Bluetooth.
      The headband reads the electrical signals from your brain. If you are focused and relativey calm, the ball will stay on track and move forward.

      With Best Regards from the Mindball Team

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