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Developer: Interactive Productline

Release Dates and Platforms:
Nov 2016 – Windows (Steam Early Access)
11th July 2018 – Windows and Mac (Steam)
Late 2018 – Android and iOS

Mindball Play

The Game

Mindball Play is a fast, exciting and challenging racing game. Practice and learn the mechanics in the campaign mode, shave seconds off your time trial or play against friends in multiplayer, using the power ups to craft your racing strategy.


Play with or without hands

Let your brain, eyes or hands do the playing!

Use our headband to control the ball with your brainwaves, just sit casually while the game tracks your eye movement through Tobii Eyetracker or play with the default controls such as keyboard or gamepad.

Better yet, combine two of them for the full gaming experience. Mindball Play is the first and only game in the world that combines the possibility to train focus and track eye movements during game play. It opens up for new opportunities when it comes to training for esports professionals.

It’s all in the Mind

The wireless headband picks up the electrical signals from you brain and sends them to the game via Bluetooth. The better you focus the faster the ball will race towards the goal.

The technology or the method is called EEG (Electro Encephalon Graphics) – we measure and process the electrical signals from the brain. You are then given feedback, through the ball’s movement, on how you are doing i.e. how well you are focusing.

Training your focus has never been more fun. Keep focused while the race escalates to a battle of minds.

The Developer

Interactive Productline is a Swedish company founded in 2002 that took the challenge of transforming an unusual game prototype into Mindball Game, an innovative table game that fascinates and entertain by moving a physical ball with the power of the brain – only! The game has been sold to science centers, PR Companies and the likes of Coca Cola, Nike and the US Military Academy.

About 40 million people around the globe have played the classic Mindball, where you move a physical ball on a table trying to score on your opponent with brain power alone. So many of them have wished they could have a Mindball of their own. Finally, we can make their dream come true!

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