Muse Headband

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Appropriate for ages 16 and up.

  • 7 sensors for better detection. Muse is designed with dry sensors, and does not require gel
  • Flexible adjustable headband
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous battery life
  • Charging port for use with MicroUSB cable (provided)
  • LED lights indicate when Muse is on, off, in Bluetooth pairing mode and requiring charge

User Guide included in the box.

Recommended Bluetooth adapters:

  • Kinivo BTD-400
  • ASUS USB BT-400
  • Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter

Extend the Interaction

You can actually extend the interaction with the ball by tilting your head to the sides and thus affect the path of the ball. This is controlled by the gyro built into the headband. Go to SETTINGS/HEADBAND and check the box Tilt to Steer.

You can also bite your jaws to put a brake on the ball. Or blink (steadily) in order to make the ball jump. Biting and blinking generates electrical signals that are possible to distinguish from the ones generated by the brain. When identifying a certain state of mind, such as focus, you exclude these “muscle” signals. But instead of just “throwing them away” we use them to do additional cool stuff in the game. Go to SETTINGS/HEADBAND and check the box Bite to Break nad/or Blink to Jump.

How to Use

When using Windows 10:


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