What is Mindball Play?

Mindball is a physics based racing game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Play in multiple game modes over various tracks and see who can be the first to cross the finish line. Enable power-ups to allow a more diverse racing experience with ghost-balls, oil slicks, lasers and much more.

Key Features

Multiple Game Modes

Play online, on LAN or in splitscreen to test your skills versus other racers. Try Single Player for a less hectic experience and race versus the leaderboards in Time Trial. Watch how other players race by enabling Ghost-balls and henceforth improve your own racing.

Brain Racing

Connect and enable the wireless headband to move the ball with your brain. High and stable focus will move the ball along the track to eventually cross the finish line, but be careful not to get too excited! Lose your focus and you lose control over the ball too.


While you race along the tracks you will definitely bump into a few obstacles. From deadly laser beams to puddles of slippery oil, be sure to avoid them for a faster time or better placing!


Earn achievements by perfecting your highscore or placing on the podium! Collect achievements to unlock in-game rewards.


Crush the boxes to attain power-ups that can be both advantageous for you and destructive to your opponents.

Train and Improve

With continuous practice you can improve your focus to eventually master your mind and transfer this mindset into your everyday life.

Track Collection

Expand Your Mindball Play Experience

Easy wearable wireless headbands, put it on and control your ball with your brain alone. No hands!



We used Mindball Play at the kickoff-event of a major pharmaceutical company. Up to four opponents could race their marbles through the course. The players quickly got a hang of how to influence the speed by their concentration and focus and also how to steer by tilting their heads. It was a fun experience for both Players and spectators and gave many good moments of enjoyment.

Michael Scheck, cdc, Communication Design Studios